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Mission statement

The African Studies Centre Leiden is a knowledge institute that undertakes research and is involved in teaching about Africa and aims to promote a better understanding of and insight into historical, current and future developments in Africa.

The institute is located in the Pieter de la Court Building of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Leiden.

Main objectives:

  1. To promote and undertake scientific research on Africa;
  2. To function as a national centre in the field of African studies and to contribute to education and teaching in these studies;
  3. To promote the dissemination of knowledge and an understanding of African societies in the wider public sphere.

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      Journal Articles & Books
      December, 2005

      What are the key causalities in the linkages between environmental resource scarcity, the non-violent assertion of rights to the environment and the (non) avoidance of violence itself? Focusing on the natural resource land, the author studies three different cases of conflict over land at the local level in Diamar‚, Baba Deli and Kubadje, in the extreme north of Cameroon, from 2001 to 2004, using different sociological, geographical and anthropological methods.

      Library Resource
      Journal Articles & Books
      December, 1983

      Pendant l'année 1982 et une partie de l'année 1983 l'auteur a effectué une recherche au Sénégal avec la collaboration de M. Sypkens Smit, anthropologue. Le thème central de la recherche était l'interaction entre les différents systèmes de droit foncier. Le présent rapport relate la phase préparatoire de la recherche, ainsi que les activités des deux chercheurs sur le terrain, en Basse Casamance. Le chapitre sur "Les aspects anthropologiques du droit foncier: le cas d'un village diola" est de la main de M. Sypkens Smit.

      Geographical focus: 

      In the Land Governance Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue (LG MSD), the Netherlands government, Dutch companies, Dutch financial institutions, Dutch civil society organizations and Dutch knowledge institutes work together to achieve better land governance in line with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the context of national food security (VGGTs). Participants in the LG MSD contribute to the development of learning trajectories/ cases as well as dialogue sessions with decision makers.

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