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5 December 2017

The conflict in Argentina between the indigenous Mapuche community and the national government has claimed another victim: Rafael Nahuel, an indigenous 22-year-old who was killed while resisting a raid by government forces on indigenous activists in the province of Río Negro.

27 November 2017

“Today we mourn the fallen, but they died in a dignified way on Mapuche territory, on their land,” a relative of the deceased Mapuche member said.

Following the murder of a 21-year Mapuche member by Argentine police, the Indigenous community has declared it will continue to fight for its land rights regardless of increasing military and police repression under the government of Mauricio Macri.

27 October 2017

Santiago Maldonado was last seen alive in public in Patagonia on August 1 at a protest for the land rights of the Mapuche, a group of indigenous peoples from Chile and Argentina. Various witnesses recount seeing him being detained by military police and loaded into a van during a raid by state authorities, but there is no official record of his detention, and no information was provided to his family.





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La Federación Agraria Argentina, desde sus albores, ha trabajado para lograr una activa y protagónica participación de la mujer en su conducción institucional.
Hoy la equidad entre los géneros es una política activa y comprometida de esta entidad. Por eso ha constituido y apoyado el funcionamiento de grupos de Mujeres Federadas ARGENTINAS a lo largo y ancho del país.

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