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China is now the world’s second largest economy and has seen over the last years the adaptation of a centrally planned economy to allow for private enterprise and capital. This shift is mirrored in its formal land tenure, represented by a dual system with state-owned land in urban areas, and farmer collective-owned land in rural areas.
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Land Area
942,470,080 ha
16,181.8 USD
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Global demand for manganese puts Kayapó Indigenous land under pressure

15 July 2021

InfoAmazonia’s Amazônia Minada project has found an unusual rise in demand to mine for manganese last year in Brazil, one of the world’s top producers of the metal. Previously, only 1% of mining bids on Indigenous lands were for manganese; in 2020, it was with 15% of all requests, second only…

China builds coal power plant in Bangladesh despite protests

29 April 2021

Local people evicted and livelihoods at risk in Barguna district, as civil society group warns plant will damage important hilsa fish populations. Main photo: Construction of the Barisal coal power plant continues. Image: Md Sajjad Hossain Tuhin A Chinese-backed coal power plant is being built in…

Mountains in China

A Journey into Land Issues in China

16 December 2020

The Land Portal Foundation’s launches the China Country Portfolio - a knowledge piece with a comprehensive understanding of the country’s land issues. Hit by COVID-19 a year ago, China is ever more pressed to adapt land usage rights to protect food sovereignty while also stimulating investment…



China has the world’s largest population and is facing a great challenge of land scarcity. There, land issues covers not only the question about how to feed the increasing population, but also how to achieve high quality development though a regional utilisation of land.

Xiaobo Hua
Kyoto University

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Thinh Hoang Hai

Responsible agricultural investment in Mekong forest landscapes: How do we get there?

21 May 2021

The impacts of agribusiness and plantation investments on the forests of the Mekong region have been widely documented. Taken together, much of this evidence paints a picture of global economic forces bearing down on fragile ecosystems and ethnically diverse communities of smallholder farmers…

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China’s Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road Initiative

January 6, 2021 7:00 pm Rutland Free Library In making infrastructure developments and investments in nearly 70 countries, China is seeking to restructure the world economy and energetically expand its global influence. Derek Boothby, former director of the UN’s Department of Political Affairs,…