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Since Kyrgyzstan became independent in 1991, the government started investing in the agricultural sector for the economic growth of the country. State owned enterprises were abolished in favor of smallholder enterprises.

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Villagers in shadow of Kyrgyzstan dam incensed by Uzbekistan deal

12 July 2021

The land transfer has fueled anger and rumors about Kyrgyzstan’s new populist leadership. Main photo: The Kempir-Abad dam was built by Soviet engineers in the 1980s. (photos by Danil Usmanov) Zholdosh Omorov says the news that a huge reservoir near his house could be entirely handed over to…

Territorial disputes in Central Asia on the threshold of the 30th anniversary of independence

14 June 2021

BISHKEK (TCA) — Territorial disputes in Central Asia do not allow countries of the region to take a step towards greater cooperation and increase regional integration. We are republishing the following article on the issue, written by independent researcher Ermek Baisalov and originally published…

Violent Clashes at the Troublesome Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan Border

4 May 2021

Last week’s violence was some of the worst the border has seen, with more than 40 killed.    Credit photo: Wikimedia Commons In late March, while prematurely bragging about resolving Kyrgyzstan’s outstanding border uncertainties with Uzbekistan via land swaps, the chairman of Kyrgyzstan’s State…



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Kyrgyz-Tajik Relations in the Fergana Valley: Trapped in a Soviet-era Labyrinth

16 June 2021

Recent border clashes between Kyrgyz and Tajik troops, which have thus far claimed the lives of over 50 civilians and military personnel, are the latest skirmishes in what seems to be an eternal pattern of sovereignty-related disputes between the two Central Asian nations. There is a case to be…

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Driving Change, Securing Tenure Innovations in Land & Property Rights

      A new series of case studies authored by researchers at Princeton University’s Innovations for Successful Societies program profiles recent initiatives to strengthen tenure security and reform land registration systems in seven countries: South Africa, Canada, Jamaica, Australia, Mozambique…