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Land Governance Support Activity


01/15 - 01/20


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The Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) supports the establishment of more effective land governance systems, ready to implement comprehensive reforms to improve equitable access to land and security of tenure, so as to facilitate inclusive sustained growth and development, ensure peace and security, and provide sustainable management of the environment. LGSA is applying USAID’s collaborating, learning, and adapting (CLA) principles through the demand-driven support to the land reform agenda led by the GOL; strengthening of land governance human and institutional capacity; development of a customary land rights recognition model based on the Land Rights Policy that can be scaled up; and support of stakeholder engagement in land governance through communications and outreach and strengthening of local capacity through the provision of land sector services. In all project activities, LGSA, through partnership with government and civil society, is developing a focused and results-oriented approach through innovative yet cost-effective tools and best practices. Activities are implemented through consultative processes with USAID; the Project Advisory Committee (PAC); and government, civil society, and donor counterparts. The use of a gender-sensitive approach ensures buy-in from all stakeholders, leading to a stronger sustainability model. Objectives Strengthen policy, legal and regulatory framework for land governance Improve functionality of GOL land governance institutions Strengthen protection of customary land rights Strengthen stakeholder engagement in land governance

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