Support to and Capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme Phase II | Land Portal
Contact information: 
Maria Paola Rizzo, FAO, +39 0657054526 <>

This project complements the project 'Support to and Capitalization on the EU Land Governance Programme in Africa' and is aimed at facilitating the integration of eigtht new in-country projects (Brazil, Cameroon, Columbia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Pakistan, Sudan and Uganda) into the existing mechanisms for transversal support under Phase I and enhances support by building on lessons learnt and additional needs particularly in the area of capacity development. All activities under Phase II will be interlinked, jointly implemented and mutually supportive of each other and of activities planned under Phase I. The following areas of work are addressed under this phase: (i) VGGT are mainstreamed in project during the project start-up phase; (ii) Activities of the in-country projects are capitalized and coordinated; (iii) Capacities of project staff, national counterparts and other stakeholders are developed; (iv) In-country projects receive direct support from FAO; (v) Monitoring is enhanced and lessons learnt are documented and disseminated.

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