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Neil Sorensen, neil.sorensen@landportal.org

GODAN supports the proactive sharing of open data to make information about agriculture and nutrition available, accessible and usable to deal with the urgent challenge of ensuring world food security.  It is a rapidly growing group, currently with over 317 partners from national governments, non-governmental, international and private sector organisations that have committed to a joint Statement of Purpose.

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The Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) is an intergovernmental organization and currently has 20 Contracting Member States in the Eastern and Southern Africa Region. Their mission is to strengthen the member States and our stakeholders’ capacity through Generation, Application and Dissemination of Geo-information and Allied Technologies for sustainable development.

You are invited to join a lively festival devoted to building an open data community in East Africa and making the linkages between open data and land on May 8th from 5PM-9PM at IHUB.

This festival aims bring together local open data aficionados together with l experts from East Africa and beyond as well as international partners.

This festival will convene a growing network of national and regional leaders to support and elevate ongoing work, ensure continuity of the open data conversation in East Africa, support an open data culture in the region, and connect the range of actors working in the East African region and internationally. This event will also help to reach out to new individuals and organizations who can help to enrich the open data community in East Africa.

The event will be an opportunity for collaboration and networking, and will showcase the work from the Africa Data Cube. It will include a fireside chat of a range of experts on issues relating to land and open data. This will be followed by music, refreshments and a light meal as well as time for networking. Organizations will also have the opportunity to promote their own initiatives; space for tabling leaflets and flyers will be provided.


We are very grateful for the generous support of our donors, without whom this festival would not be possible:

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There is no doubt the Global Data Revolution has reached the land sector. Government data portals, open access academic journals, community mapping initiatives and other citizen-generated data - there is a palpable positive drive across the world that allows processes such as data collection to be more inclusive and open.

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