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13 May 2024
On the opening day of the World Bank’s 2024 Land Conference, organizations of small-scale food producers, Indigenous Peoples, workers, grassroots communities, and civil society denounce the World Bank as a major actor of land grabbing and ecosystem destruction. They call for effective measures to
7 May 2024
ILRG II seeks concept papers for the Environmental Defenders Grant Fund, designed to support environmental defender organizations with the resources necessary to enhance their impact in addressing the land-related root cause of threats, and ensure the long-term sustainability of their vital work:
25 January 2024
This year’s Equator Prize will recognize innovative initiatives that showcase how action on nature, led by Indigenous Peoples and local communities, can provide effective climate solutions, and demonstrate effective pathways to transform our global systems for people and Planet. Winning initiatives
23 September 2023
Sometimes at high-level international events, like the Africa Climate Summit held in early September 2023, we do not have the opportunity to, or forget to, include the voices of people who are going through the very issues discussed.
23 June 2023
Excessive and erratic rainfall has caused devastating flooding, hitting parts of Bangladesh hard. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said there will be no quick respite for the country.
9 March 2023
Indonesia's  mangrove restoration plan faces a major hurdle, with less than a third of the target area is actually viable for restoration.
28 February 2023
It’s Saturday morning. Children, teens, homemakers, senior citizens and other residents have gathered, all ready to work for a common goal: to reclaim this green space for their community. The diverse group hatches their plans under an awning that protects them from the sun, the kind that warms
28 February 2023
India discovered an enormous deposit of lithium in Jammu and Kashmir regions
24 February 2023
There will be no new land clearing or deforestation for oil palm plantations, says Malaysia Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.
19 February 2023
An independent forest monitoring watchdog has expressed shock that forest reserve land is being openly advertised for sale online every week.
13 February 2023
Questions mount over the Xayaburi Dam’s changes to water and sediment flows as the river swallows farmers’ land.
13 February 2023
‘Arrest Land Degradation, Restore Ecosystem’, was one of the major discussions at the First G20 Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group Meeting (ECSWG), held in Bengaluru.

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