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Diamonds in the Delta

Diamonds in the Delta
Diamonds in the Delta

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November 2021
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Diamonds in the Delta (DiD) is an international research-action network of scholars, water professionals and civil society advocates who are concerned about how climate change compounds problems of flooding and subsidence in delta cities. We – the people in the network – are united in our conviction that the needs, experiences and aspirations of communities that are actually or potentially most affected by these problems should be the focus when designing and implementing solutions. We collaborate with these communities to jointly identify ways to reduce risks, optimize adaptation strategies and create the conditions for sustainable livelihoods now and in the future. We also join forces with them to critically engage with ongoing climate adaptation and flood management projects and plans, in order to make these more inclusive and fairer. Our research and actions are permeated with critical awareness of how different groups and individuals have different preferences, interests and understandings. Opportunities to voice concerns or mobilize funds and political support also vary, often along intersecting axes of social difference (class, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc.). Experiences gained in previous projects show that what is a solution for some may create problems for others. Searching for community-based inclusive solutions and transformative change therefore requires not only co-producing with and actively engaging those most affected and concerned, but also understanding and challenging the wider causes of processes of urbanization that created unevenness in the first place.

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