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December 2006
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XXIII FIG Congress

Vietnam Land Administration system has implemented successfully the land policy in recent decades. In the next phase of socio-economic development plan, land is requested to become important domestic resources for many investment projects. Obviously, land registration needs further development so that land use rights or land use right certificate can be used as asset in the open market. In the past ten years, many improved on land registration was undertaken. Many first-look problems have been identified and fixed. The issues of Vietnam land registration are more difficult to identify. This paper has objectives to contribute more in-depth of understanding on problems identification by analysis the registration system from two views: terminology and practice. Analysis on the terminology view allows identify the real intention of land policy that was hidden in the land legal documents. Analysis on the results of land registration progress for the whole country, for each of seven socio-economic regions, allows the current status of land registration in the reality.

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Tran_Nhu_Trung_, _ Anh_Kiet_Dao, _ Hyde, Ian Dang_Hung_Vo, _

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