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The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) is an international non-profit organization that undertakes scientific research for development.

Our approach is through partnerships and with an Inclusive Market Oriented Development.

Partnerships are critical as ICRISAT takes a catalyst role to help rural communities develop their own solutions and engage
the actors needed to bring the vision to reality.

Inclusive means we are inclusive of the farmers in developing solutions and inclusive of the all people especially women and youth. 

Market Oriented Development means we focus our research and development efforts on making farming profitable,
helping move farmers from subsistence to commercial operators.

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Reports & Research
December 2014
Southern Asia

Rainfed areas are hotspots of poverty and malnutrition, and are prone to
severe land degradation of natural resources. Globally, 80% of agriculture is
rainfed providing 62% of the world’s staple food. With increasing population
over the years, per capita availability and quality of land and water resources
have declined substantially resulting to water scarcity. Agriculture is the major
consumer of water, accounting for 70-80% of water withdrawal. With the
impacts of climate change, existing water and land scarcity will be aggravated

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