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February 2021
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The issue of food security has been widely studied by the international community. To reveal the research situation as it pertains to food security objectively, this paper comprehensively utilizes bibliometrics techniques (i.e., Bibliometrix, VOSviewer, and CiteSpace) to explore the research status and development trends in the area of food security. The results show that: (1) food security research has shown an increasing trend during the past 30 years. The 2013–2019 period was shown to be an active period with a high yield of articles, which were published mainly in the developed regions of Europe and America. Particularly, the number of articles published in the United States was far ahead of other countries in the world. (2) Food security research involved agriculture, environmental science and ecology, food science and technology, and business economics. The research topic is an interdisciplinary subject with a good momentum of development and a large space remaining for research. (3) Climate change, poverty, gender, nutrition, and diet structure have been the focuses of food security research in recent years. Food security in China, India, and sub-Saharan Africa has attracted wide attention. (4) Food security research is becoming more and more mature. The research scope extended from food security to food security and water and land resource security. Research topics range from decentralized to systematic. (5) Food security research is likely to gain much attention in the future based on three pillars: food supply, food access, and food use. Sustainability and diversity of food supply, along with dietary restructuring and food conservation initiatives, are expected to be new trends in future research on land management.

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Xie, Hualin
Wen, Yuyang
Choi, Yongrok
Zhang, Xinmin


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