Support for the Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Land Tenure (Component 3, China, India and South Africa) | Land Portal
Contact information: 
Louisa Jansen, FAO <>

Geographical focus

The project comprises workshops and activities to increase the awareness of Chinese, Indian and South-African investors involved in extraterritorial (i.e. overseas or outbound) investments. The scope of the study draws upon wider international experience of several BRICS countries.

In China, the original target country for this activity, it has proven to be particularly difficult to identify and contact suitable institutions. Efforts to find an appropriate institution will continue, with the help of colleagues in the Trade and Markets Division.

In September 2015, the study started in India under a consultancy agreement with Professor Praveen Kumar Jha of the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. A first draft was delivered in late December 2015 that is currently under review. The study focusses on the extraterritorial investments of India in African countries (e.g., in Ethiopia, Mali, Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda).

A contract under Letter of Agreement is also underway with the NEPAD Business Foundation in South Africa. The NEPAD Business Foundation provided a detailed work plan for the study. It is expected that they will start the study in 2016. They will also concentrate on investments in African countries.

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