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4 January 2019

Cities exercise power in many areas that touch on human rights, and growing urban inequalities mean advocates must focus more attention on municipal governments.

10 December 2018


City representatives said they had moved beyond national climate battles and were now taking action

KATOWICE, Poland - Compact pedestrian neighborhoods, urban forests and even carbon-sucking technologies must make the to-do list of more city mayors if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change, scientists said at U.N. talks on Monday.

27 November 2018

'Children should be a focus of urban planning, yet in many cities they are forgotten'

LONDON - Millions of poor urban children are more likely to die before their fifth birthday than those living in rural areas, according to a U.N. study out on Tuesday that challenges popular assumptions behind the global urbanisation trend.

8 November 2018


We are honored to announce that Omidyar Network has renewed its support of the Land Portal Foundation with an investment of $400,000 to support the integration and visualization of spatial data and the dissemination of SDG-related data and information, as well as provide core funding for institutional enhancement, over the next two years.

6 November 2018
South Africa

Five years ago people were evicted from their shacks in Durban to make way for housing for members of the African National Congress

DURBAN, South Africa - Five years ago Ndabo Mzimela was evicted from a cramped backyard shack in Durban to make way for the construction of subsidised government housing.

Those houses, he and other residents said, were allocated exclusively to paying members of the African National Congress (ANC), the South African ruling party that has been beset in recent years by allegations of widespread corruption.

31 October 2018

For some low-income Jordanians the attention and funds directed towards refugees from Syria are a source of tension

DHLAIL, Jordan - Syrian refugee Umm Mohammed fidgeted in her chair in a breezy office in Dhlail city, northern Jordan, before joking: "We don't know how to sit still."

Along with others who fled conflict in neighbouring Syria, she works with low-income Jordanians in this industrial town famed for its dairy and textile factories.

But their work is different: retrofitting homes to make them green.

12 October 2018

With growing slums and emissions - but limited capacity to tackle the problems - these cities are where action will be crucial, experts say

BARCELONA - The future that fast-growing cities in South Asia and Africa choose - cleaner and safer, or dirtier and more dangerous - will be pivotal to efforts to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, scientists said in a key U.N. report this week.

4 October 2018

WINDHOEK - According to the latest updated statistics, there are 308 informal settlements in Namibia with a staggering 228 000 shacks accommodating about 995 000 people in urban areas.

This was revealed by Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia’s national facilitator Edith Mbanga, who says this means close to 40 percent of the Namibia population are now living in shacks in urban areas, predominantly in Windhoek.
Mbanga made the revelations this week during the second national land conference while delivering a presentation on ‘Land for the Urban Poor’.

1 October 2018

World Habitat Day is meant to remind us to ensure the human right to adequate housing and land for everyone

At 5 a.m. on a cold December morning, the sound of bulldozers woke up Rukshana, a woman in her late fifties. By 6 a.m., her home in Delhi, where she had lived for 35 years, had been demolished and with it her meagre belongings.

Rukshana is just one of the world’s 1.6 billion people estimated to be inadequately housed, over 100 million of whom are considered to be homeless.

24 September 2018

Two events held on Tuesday, September 18 demonstrated an enormous divide between groups working on issues related to favelas and favela residents in Rio de Janeiro. Both events had more than one hundred people present and each featured an influential global thinker to help foster debate.

3 September 2018

India's $7.5 bln plan to turn 100 urban centres into Smart Cities by 2020 does not address structural issues and ignores the needs of low-income and marginalised groups, experts say

LAVASA, India - When David Cooper and his wife were looking for somewhere to retire, they wanted a place by a river or a lake, away from Mumbai's congested streets, worsening pollution and vanishing green spaces.

19 June 2018

Argentina’s president once talked of forcing slums out of the city – now he wants to deliver residents the deeds to their land. But will it help?

“It was really bad in there – I mean, it’s literally a ruin,” says Romina Vargas of Argentina’s most famous abandoned building, where she once lived. “There was lots of contaminated water on the lower floors, there were no sewers, and kids would come and take drugs inside. It’s good that it’s coming down.”

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