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Modern water rights

Modern water rights

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December 2005
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This publication offers a fresh look at the theory and practice of modern water rights, from a comparative law angle. It sheds light on a number of key features of such rights, and contrasts these to traditional forms and kinds of water rights. It teases out and discusses the relevant problematique, including in particular that elicited the sale and leasing of water rights. Finally, a stock-taking and assessment of modern water rights systems impacts are volunteered. This publication complements two earlier issues featured in the FAO Legislative Studies series, i.e. Water rights administration - Experience, issues and guidelines (No. 70 of 2001), and Preparing national regulations for water resources management - Principles and practice (No. 80 of 2003). The former illustrates and discusses the practicalities of implementing and administering the modern systems of water rights which are at the centre of this publication. The latter provides a systematic account of the administrative lifecycle of modern water rights, as reflected in regulatory legislation. These three publications combined provide a rounded review and, in part, a critical analysis of the theory and practice of modern water rights. It is hoped that they will be of inspiration and use in the process of reforming water laws in general, and the laws concerning water rights in particular.

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